Make New Life, NGO in Pune

We at Make New Life have aided and led countless mute souls to a dignified life in our course of being. Dogs are loyal and amicable but often end up being victims of human or rather inhumane abuse. Adoption services, feeding, post-operative care, rescuing, providing medical treatment to the needy and running a full-fledged dog sanctuary with a NO-KILL philosophy has been the line and drive of our work till date.

We have a credible volunteer network who feed 1000+ strays every day, in different areas of Pune. A well-fed stray is the safest dog, not only does feeding keep them healthy, but it also makes them less cranky; makes handling dogs on sterilization and vaccination drives easy. Essential, ensuring that the dog is rabies-free and safe for the community as well.

Animal Birth Control:
With daily feeding over past 13 years we have befriended dogs and led 3000+ of them to undergo sterilization procedures, effectively bringing down the dog population of Pune humanely.

Let away dogs, strays all find a home in our sanctuary, and we have been successful in giving many of our in house paw-babies a sweet home and a caring family.

Post Operative Care:
Dogs dealing with accident trauma, both physical and mental find their way to our safe sanctuary care. We accept all kinds of cases, even dogs who are terminally ill, paralyzed, suffering from mobility & neurological issues. Such cases, at times given up by other animal welfare organizations and doctors too; at 'Make New Life', the dogs get a second chance and end-of-life care with a ton of love to go with it.

Rescue & Medical Aid:
We get rescue calls from across Pune, we have a team which dedicatedly works on these calls. We rescue and provide all emergency medical aid to the ailing. Most of these dogs complete their entire healing process at our sanctuary and only then do we let them go for adoption.

Making a gigantic difference to the lives of stray dogs

13+ Years of working

900+ Daily Stray Feeding

400+ Animal Rescue

3000+Dogs Sterilized/Neutered

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We are a non-profit organization; 100% funded by donations and rendered by modest service fees. Every penny donated is put to work for animal rescue and care.

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