About Make New Life, NGO in Pune.


Arun and Suvarna Pasare are the backbones of our NGO. Their journey as dog saviours began in 2007 when Arun saw a security guard chasing a dog with a big stick and trying to hit the spot where the dog had a maggot wound; the pitiful conditions of the strays caught their attention. Since then the couple with their meagre income started feeding, vaccinating and rescuing dogs. They would cook food at night and would head out to the streets much before the world woke up to feed the needy. Besides feeding, they also started vaccinating and sterilizing strays; they fostered dogs in their tiny apartment who were the victims of abuse and helped them recover.

All they wanted was to build a safe sanctuary for the dogs who were orphaned, or too old to be on the street, or are victims of cruelty, which they did. They leased a small property to take their vision forward in Askarwadi, Pune in 2017. We have now shifted our sanctuary premises to a better and well-equipped facility in Kasarsai near Hinjewadi. We intend to make it a full-fledged one-stop aid for all needy paws. The shelter would accept all kinds of cases, even dogs who are terminally ill, paralyzed, suffering from mobility & neurological issues. Such cases were mostly given up by other animal welfare organizations and doctors.

We, at 'Make New Life', help our dogs get a second chance at a dignified life and provide them end-of-life care to the best of our capacity;
proudly upholding our No-kill status at the shelter.


Setting up a 24x7 medical facility inside our sanctuary premises to attend emergency, accident and hand cases in-house.

Appoint full-time veterinarians and support staff and provide them with adequate remuneration to sustain all-round well being.

To reduce human-animal conflict by effective birth control measures and vaccinations

Prepare a state-of-art ambulance for quick on-spot relief to the distressed animal. Maybe have a fleet to cater to the entire city.

Lastly, make people sensitive towards the strays so no paw-bearers have to face the wrath of human ill-doings.


Managing Director
Ganesh Vishnu Vagare


Vice - President
Omkar Harsule

Suvarna Arun Pasare

Mayur Arun Pasare

Committee Member
Sunanda Thorat

Committee Member
Mayuri Dinesh Harsule